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About IceColdNow

After years of hard work, we are happy to introduce you to the Coldwave. Using the Coldwave allows you to make the freshest iced coffee on the market in any kitchen. In addition, the Coldwave is the fastest way to cool down coffee, tea, and other beverages without dilution.

IceColdNow will continue to innovate and produce appliance products for the consumer (Home) market and high volume devices for the Commercial (Business) Markets. All products incorporate our patented technology with the same rapid cool down feature directly after brewing that provides the same exceptional capture of the flavor, aromas, and uniqueness of your favorite coffees and teas.

Our products will not only produce a superior ice coffee and tea but will not require concentrated K-cups, chilling coffee overnight, pouring brewed coffee over ice and will eliminate waste. Our commercial products will reduce iced coffee production cost by removing time spent related to making iced products and in the actual cost of coffee.