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Brewed Hot, Served Cold.

The Coldwave makes the best ice coffee.

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The ultimate beverage chiller.

Coldwave ★★★★★ 5
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0 oz.
Fluid Capacity (Max Fill Line)
0 sec
Until your hot coffee is iced coffee
0 %
100% Safe. Contains purified water
0 min
Refreezes in about an hour
  • Improves taste and enhances flavors

  • Cools the hottest drinks in under 2 minutes
  • Cools room temperature drinks (sodas, wine, etc.) in 30 seconds
  • Cools carbonated beverages
  • 16 oz. / 475 ml Capacity
  • The size of a quart of ice cream (5.3″ x 5.3″ x 6.25″)

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • No dilution

  • Easy to clean – Dishwasher safe (Top rack)
  • Stores in the freezer
  • Refreezes in about 1 hour
  • No nasty freezing chemicals – contains only purified water
  • BPA Free
  • No Assembly Required


“Coldwave preserves all of the volatile aromatics of hot coffee, but cold, which I’ve never experienced before. It preserves all of the acidity and flavors of proper extraction without muddling or diluting the brew. Hands down, this is the future of iced coffee.”

Ryan McDonnell, Tasting Manager, Starbucks’ Roy Street Cafe

“Ultimately, I like this because it does no damage to the coffee that you brew. It just makes it cold pretty quickly and I like that a lot…The coffee coming out is as good as the coffee you put in.”

– James Hoffmann, 2007 World Barista Champion, Author of World Atlas of Coffee

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Easy to Use

Just follow these 3 simple steps


Pour up to 16 oz. of liquid into the Coldwave pitcher.


Remove Insert from freezer and place into the pitcher.


Once beverage is cold, pour and enjoy!

Exact cooling times vary depending on initial temperature. See FAQs for details.

Stop waiting and start living

Enjoy cold beer in 30 sec.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that you’re going to love your Coldwave, but if for any reason you don’t just send it back to us, risk free.

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